Inicio NOTICIAS President Rivlin visits Tel Aviv kindergarten, then visits injured victims of Tel Aviv terror attack

President Rivlin visits Tel Aviv kindergarten, then visits injured victims of Tel Aviv terror attack

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Itongadol.- President Reuven Rivlin this morning (Sunday), visited a Tel Aviv kindergarten, before going on to visit injured victims of the terrorist attack which took place in Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon, who were being treated in Ichilov Hospital.

At the hospital, the President was welcomed by Tzachi Lazan, brother Ido Lazan who was severely hurt in the shooting attack on Friday and is hospitalized at Ichilov Hospital. The President joined the family in their relief as just a few minutes before the President arrived Ido had opened his eyes. He was being treated for a stomach injury in the intensive care unit, along with Dror Reicher who was being treated in the neurosurgery intensive care unit for a head injury. Both were in a serious but stable condition.
"These are difficult times for all Israeli citizens and I am here to listen and to be together with you. Together, alongside children in kindergartens and parents who woke up in fear this morning; alongside the wounded and the terrified families – all of us together," the President said as he left the hospital, accompanied by Professor Ronni Gamzu Director General of Ichilov Hospital and the Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai.
The President added, "We are in a situation where there are lots of pieces of the puzzles missing. However, we rely on the police and the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) who know how to do their jobs and how to bring this affair to a close. Tel Aviv needs to keep up the routine – terrorism cannot defeat us."
Prof. Ronni Gamzu Director General of the hospital, said, “We know the importance of the administering of medical care as quickly as possible and here too the readiness of the medical staff has proven itself in reducing casualties immediately, in the operating room and the delivery of professional care in the shortest amount of time. I hope that the situation of the wounded will get better in the coming days.” 
The President thanked the hospital staff and expressed his appreciation and support for their dedication and hard work.
Earlier this morning, the President visited the Hadas Kindergarten in central Tel Aviv and alongside Keren the kindergarten’s teacher, and the educational staff, President Rivlin sat with the children and read them the story, ‘Aaron and the Purple Crayon’ by Crockett Johnson. The children, who are in pre-school, asked the President why he wanted to be President, what did a President do, and why he hadn’t become a footballer.
The President explained why he gave up playing football, “I\’m just not very good at it. I think it\’s better that I am President because that way I have the opportunity to listen to all people in the country. I listen to all the citizens and the citizens with difficult jobs. I listen to mayors and ministers, principals and teachers, and I try to help with any problem and to resolve them. The President is primarily the mouth of all people, of all the public. When the President expresses his opinion he does so after hearing everyone\’s voices. And you children – even if you don\’t agree with what your friend says, first of all you need to listen and think – maybe what he is saying makes sense? It is important that we listen to everyone with dignity, and maybe we will learn something,” he told them.
Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai said, “I understand the worry and concern in light of the fact that the killer has not been caught yet. The Municipality of Tel Aviv along with the Israeli police and the security forces are making an effort to increase as much as possible the security around schools and crowded places. Hopefully, the event will end with apprehending the terrorist".

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