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Netanyahu: Israel is the focus of contemporary anti-Semitism

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 PM addresses crowd at the opening of the 5th Global Forum for Combating anti-Semitism.

Israel has become the focus of latter day anti-Semites, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday evening at the opening of the fifth Global Forum for Combating anti-Semitism.

Speaking to a crowd of over a thousand Jewish community representatives, diplomats and members of civil society gathered for the biennial conference, the premier explained that he believed that “contemporary anti-Semitism doesn’t just slander, vilify and target Jewish people, it first and foremost targets the Jewish state today.”

While there were those who believed that following the Holocaust “humanity would discard one of history’s oldest hatreds” and, indeed, blatant anti-Semitism became far less common in the “liberal west,” today “there is no doubt we are living in an age of resurgent anti-Semitism,” he added.

“Today’s anti-Semitism is not limited to the various sects of militant Islam or the xenophobic elements of the fringes of European society. Today it wears mask of so called progressive thinking in the west. The champions of tolerance are remarkably intolerant of Jews and the Jewish state,” he said. “Classic anti-Semitism portrayed Jews as the embodiment of all evil in world” while contemporary anti-Semites “do the same with the Jewish state.”

Asking why Israel’s response to Hamas rocket fire elicits protests throughout Europe while the massacre of civilians in Yemen and Syria do not bring out demonstrators in the streets of Paris and London, Netanyahu said that “there is something fundamentally wrong that this slander is reserved for the one country in the region where death penalty not even used against the most gruesome terrorist murderers.”

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