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Shokoland chocolate festival returns to tel aviv

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 Israel’s top chocolatiers to take part in three-day cocoa event at the Tachana complex, February 12-14, 2015.

Willy Wonka may have the only factory with a Chocolate Waterfall for mixing but Israeli chocolatiers have their own secret recipes and inventiveness that makes their pralines among the best in the world.

And where better to sample some of this brown gold than at Chocolate Week in Tel Aviv?

The three-day event set for February 12-14, 2015 will take place at the Old Railway Station Tachana complex.

Think up fantastic and contrasting flavors including chocolate with honey and nougat, bittersweet truffles with salted nuts, white chocolate pralines with marzipan and coriander seeds, and more.

Representatives from boutique chocolate shops will be on hand to sell their unique tastes. And, Israeli ice-cream makers will whip up different chocolate flavors.

Chocolate beer, chocolate sculptures, and chocolate fondue sets will also be plentiful.

And there will be workshops on how to roll the perfect praline or truffle.

Tel Aviv will truly be a chocolate heaven for three days.

Chocolate Festival

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