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Netanyahu: No immunity for anyone planning attacks on Israel

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Itongadol.- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ignored thecurrent bottle scandals swirling around him and his wife, and at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday said Israel was facing security threats on many fronts.

Referring to the terrorist attacks in Sinai over the last few days that have killed at least 30 people, Netanyahu said that Israel was witnessing how the terrorist organizations are working just beyond Israel\’s southern border, and that “we are witness for some time to efforts by Iran to open another front against us on the Golan Heights, in addition to the one it operates against us in southern Lebanon.”
Netanyahu, at the start of the meeting that was to be devoted primarily to briefings on the security situation in the North, said that Israel has proven that “no one has immunity,” and that Israel will continue to thwart attacks against it.
Last week, Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon attacked IDF vehicles traveling in the village of Ghajar in the Galilee panhandle with Kornet anti-tank missiles, killing two IDF soldiers and wounding seven others.
The terrorists launched five or six anti-tank missiles from a distance of at least four kilometers from their targets, striking the vehicles as they drove two kilometers from the international border.
The IDF used artillery and tanks to fire at Hezbollah targets near the Lebanese border in the minutes following the incident. 

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