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Jerusalem Lockdown, Police Chief: We\’re Prepared for the Worst

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Itongadol.- As a major snowstorm settles in on Israel Wednesday morning, snow has already begun pouring in on the Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee, and reportedly has likewise started in some parts of Jerusalem and the surrounding hills.

Police have closed Highway 443 leading into Jerusalem as they prepare to close all entrance routes to the capital. In the town of Shiloh in Samaria the electricity went down due to the storm as it has in various areas near Haifa and Tel Aviv, and transportation in the areas of Kiryat Arba and Efrat in Judea has stopped.
Police Chief Yohanan Danino arrived on Wednesday morning to the traffic department\’s center for monitoring the storm.
"In the last two days we asked (citizens) not to arrive to Jerusalem today and to avoid traveling to the city. Already now we see much lighter traffic on Highway 1 (into Jerusalem)," said Danino.
"In the coming hours and in accordance with the forecast of the meteorological services, the roads leading to Jerusalem will be closed, including Highway 1 and Highway 443. Our goal is that people won\’t get stuck in the middle of the road, without the ability to get to the city or to go back," said Danino.
The police chief added "we\’re waiting now for reports on the first flakes, and the moment we receive them – we\’ll close the (traffic) routes."
"In recent days we have prepared for the stormy weather together with all the authorities and relevant sources, with the storm of last year and the events that followed it before our eyes. Our goal is to do everything needed so that the snow will be a positive experience for the citizens," said Danino.
"According to the weather forecasts the storm doesn\’t have to be of the scope and strength of last year, but we aren\’t taking changes and are preparing for the worst case scenario," he added.
Jerusalem District Police Chief Moshe Edri on Wednesday morning inspected the preparations in the capital city, where as noted police have started closing all entrances to Jerusalem. A cold wave is anticipated to come on Friday on into Saturday bringing with it fresh snow, primarily in Jerusalem and the surrounding mountains.

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