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Hamas terrorist gets 24 yrs for shootings, bombings

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Itongadol.- The IDF announced on Monday that the Samaria Military Court has convicted senior Hamas terrorist Muhammed Haruyash of both involvement in and attempts to carry out terror attacks, sentencing him to 24 years in prison.
According to the IDF, Haruyash was involved in Hamas\’ security arm between 2003-2009.
He was captured by security forces in 2009.
Haruyash was accused of a number of offenses, including several attempts to kill members of the security forces.
In several of the incidents, he engaged in close exchanges of fire with security forces, during one of which his arm was injured.
Haruyash was also accused in the advanced planning of suicide attacks against Israel in 2004 along with other Hamas agents.
The IDF said that after an extensive series of hearings regarding the evidence in the case, including, claims by Haruyash that statements which he made by investigators were procured illegally, the court convicted Haruyash and dismissed all the claims he made in his defense.

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