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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – September 6th, 2012

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 Two articles refer to yesterday\’s desecration of the Latrun monastery:

Yediot Aharonot maintains that "On the background of the hesitation of the Israeli public regarding the criminal violence by the \’Price Tag\’ group, perhaps it would be a good idea to begin an article on  this group of intimidators with a few harsh statements: The \’Price Tag\’ activists are a blot of shame on Israeli society. \’Price Tag\’ acts endanger the future and the security of the State of Israel. In an Arab world in which the influence of Islam is escalating, one does not have to be an intelligence expert in order to assess that it is enough for only one lunatic to burn an entire forest." The author rhetorically inquires: "How do you contend with this terrorism?" and advocates that "Zero patience on the part of the security establishment. Not understanding.  Not compromises. But rather hunt them down until they are eliminated as is befitting for a group that constitutes a strategic existential threat."
Yisrael Hayom remarks that "This crime took place on our very doorstep, here in the Land of Israel, and these criminals are ours. They come from amongst us and place upon us a large stain. We are trying to tell the world that there is freedom of worship in Israel. We point to Jerusalem as an example of religious pluralism and explain that people of all religions are free to come to those places they hold sacred and feel secure. That is what is right and what is fitting."  The author emphasizes that "The reaction of the Prime Minister and ministers, of chief rabbis and other spiritual leaders and the entire public is so important. The State of the Jewish People cannot permit itself such criminals."
Ma\’ariv says that, "The unprecedented, American-endorsed, arms race in the Middle East obliges the US and Israel to renew discussion regarding arms sales policy to the Arab states."
The Jerusalem Post criticizes the threat by Transportation Minister Israel to “cut off state funding to Tel-O-Fun, a short-term bicycle-rental arrangement in Tel Aviv, unless the municipality closes it down on Yom Kippur.” The editor notes that  any secular Jews “have agreed of their own volition to refrain from driving their cars out of respect for Yom Kippur and for their fellow Jews,” and adds: “All some of them want is for them and their children to be allowed to ride their bikes in Tel Aviv. Is that too much to ask from the transportation minister?”
Haaretz maintains that “The Arab community is clearly a victim of discrimination by the government,” and adds: “In this grim reality, a ray of hope has lately begun to shine: a trend of better service and improved activity on the part of the Israel Police.” The editor opines that “state authorities should learn from the police, and each government unit should act to initiate more positive changes in the Arab community to decrease our Arab citizens\’ sense of discrimination.”
[Eshkol Navo, MK Nahman Shai and Oded Eran wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Yisrael Hayom and Ma\’ariv, respectively.]

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