Inicio NOTICIAS Grad rocket fired from Gaza falls near Be’er Sheva

Grad rocket fired from Gaza falls near Be’er Sheva

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A Grad rocket fell in an open field in Bnei Shimon Regional near Be’er Sheva Sunday morning. No one was hurt and no damage was reported.

Militants have launched four rockets at Israel since the Islamic Jihad agreed to an Egyptian mediate cease-fire with Israel early Friday.
A Qassam fell in Shaar Hanegev Regional Council Saturday evening, and two more rockets fell in Israel’s south on Friday. No damage or injuries were reported in any of the hits.

This is the second failed cease-fire between Israel and Gaza militants since tensions escalated following coordinated terror attacks in South Israel on August 18 that left eight dead.

The first cease-fire was agreed upon late Sunday last week, but it dissolved almost immediately in a volley of rocket fire from Gaza on southern Israel and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes in which some two dozen Palestinians and one Israeli were killed. The violence began with a militant attack that killed eight Israelis on the Egyptian border.

"The government has called on the Palestinian factions not to give an opportunity to the (Israeli) occupation government to escalate its aggression further," said Taher Nunu, a government spokesman in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

More than 15 rockets and mortar shells were fired toward Israel on Thursday, the military said.

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