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National Home Front Exercise, Turning Point 4, Concluded Today

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The exercise integrated the command post exercise and the field exercises in different scenarios, all of which were run by the National Emergency Authority. With the help of the Home Front Command’s local liaison officers, 253 different local authorities participated in the exercise and simulated emergency scenarios. Non-conventional and conventional field exercises were carried out throughout the country from Tuesday to Thursday (the 25th to the 27th of May, 2010). Also simulating emergency scenarios were the education, health and welfare systems, all governmental offices, factories, hospitals, essential facilities, and strategic sites.
Turning Point 4 included the sounding of 12 main sirens, one of which was heard throughout the entire country. The sirens found to be out of order will be repaired in the coming months.
Throughout the exercise, 2600 sirens went off, 95 of which were found to be malfunctioning. Over the past year, since Turning Point 3, the Home Front Command installed over 900 sirens.  
Over 27,000 protective kits were distributed to the Israeli public at eight distribution stations. The IDF Home Front Command reemphasizes that the Israel Postal Company continues to distribute kits in distribution stations in Ashdod, Rishon Leziyon and Ramat Gan. The kits can be delivered at a cost of 25 NIS at the number 171.
More than 15,000 civilians contacted the Home Front Command information center in regards to a variety of issues including: reports of malfunctions of the alert systems, information regarding protective kits and information regarding field drills. Additionally, Home Front Command emergency spokespeople and the Home Front Command Broadcast Studio participated in the exercise.
The IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, visited different exercise sites and participated in situation assessments at the Home Front Command headquarters. Israeli Minister of Defense, Mr. Ehud Barak, and his deputy, Mr. Matan Vilnai, also visited the exercise, and were briefed on its course and conducted situation assessments.
During the exercise, the IDF Chief of the General Staff said that exercises and drills are a central part of the IDF’s effort to improve preparedness. In addition, the Chief of the General Staff pointed out the central role of the IDF Home Front Command in a war scenario.
The Commander of the Home Front Command, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, conveyed his appreciation to the Israeli regional councils and government offices for their participation during the exercise, the comprehensive preparations and the successful execution of the exercise. In addition, Maj. Gen. Golan thanked the thousands of Home Front Command reservists for participating and carrying out their tasks so well.
The exercise is aimed at improving national preparedness and responses of the home front at the national level to emergencies, based on inter-organizational cooperation and integrated activity. During the Turning Point ‎4, lessons learnt in past exercises were implemented as were the lessons learnt from the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead.
The exercise, taking place for the fourth consecutive year, was scheduled and planned in advance as a part of the IDF’s 2010 training plan. IDF exercises take place routinely in all of the different military units, areas and scenarios.

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