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Poll: Less than half of Israeli Jews define themselves as secular

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 According to Central Bureau of Statistics survey, 88 percent of Israeli Jews, 82 percent of Israeli Arabs are satisfied with their lives.
Less than half of Israeli Jews – 42 percent – define themselves as secular, according to a survey released Sunday by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Some 25 percent of respondents characterized themselves as traditional, but not very religious. Another 13 percent said they were traditionally religious, 12 percent called themselves religious and 8 percent identified themselves as Haredi or ultra-Orthodox.
In the Arab sector, 8 percent defined themselves as very religious, 42 percent as religious, 27 percent as not very religious and 18 percent as non-religious. Arab women were more likely to identify themselves as religious than Arab men – 55 percent of women compared to 38 percent of men.
The survey also found that 88 percent of Israeli Jews and 82 percent of Israeli Arabs said they were satisfied with their lives.
The data was compiled based on 7,500 interviews conducted in December and January with Israelis aged 20 and older from the various sectors of society.

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