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CleanTech 2010 – International expo to be held in Tel Aviv

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The 14th CleanTech 2010 Expo, scheduled to take place in Israel from 29-30 June 2010 at the Fairs & Conventions Center in Tel-Aviv, aims to raise the discussion of energy, water and recycling issues to the public agenda, alongside presenting the newest developments in the area in Israel and abroad. Delegations from across the globe, together with ministers and leading public figures in the area of ecology in Israel and worldwide are expected to attend.

The world today faces two severe crises. First, the growing shortage in water, which unless solved, might lead to violent confrontations between states; and second, the problem of global warming, which already caused many natural disasters and might aggravate and end in logical catastrophe unless a solution is found. Development of CleanTech industries can solve both of these crises and furthermore – lead to worldwide economic growth.

The geographical location of CleanTech 2010, in the middle of three continents – Europe, Asia, and Africa – makes it an international magnet for companies to reveal their products and services to international customers and traders, and for buyers to form new commercial contacts.

Though Israel is a small country with limited natural resources, it stands out as one of the most competitive economies. The country’s market economy can be characterized as advanced technology based and global-oriented. Over the past two decades Israel has become famous for its high-tech capacity, particularly in telecommunications, information technology, electronics and science.

Recently Israel has been focusing on CleanTech – an interdisciplinary industry focusing on preserving the earth’s resources: energy, water and air. There are 320 companies in Israel that can be defined as specializing in the CleanTech field. The "hottest" fields in Israel are water purification and solar energy. Water is the largest industry in Israel. There are approximately 220 companies that focus on the water industry. The scope of water technologies exports in Israel this year will stand on 1.2 billion dollars. In the last two years, over 300 million dollars have been invested in the CleanTech industry. In the last two years, over 13 investment bodies were established in the CleanTech industry.

The 14th "CleanTech" focuses on four major areas:

– Israel’s transition into a state of energetic independence on the basis of developing renewable energies;

– coping with the global water problem as a result of population growth and the pollution of ground water reservoirs;

– solutions and innovations in the area of energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement, including green construction and grey water solutions; and

– a presentation of innovations in the areas of recycling associated with ground water pollution as well as recycling of paper, glass, plastic and nylon products in Israel and worldwide.

The 14th "CleanTech" will also host a special convention on environmental quality and clean technologies, alongside the expo itself, comprising dozens of pavilions with a total area of over 5000 sq. meters. The forthcoming expo features hundreds of leading Israeli companies from various CleanTech areas, including government bodies, green organizations, technological greenhouses, venture funds and educational institutions active in this field.

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