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17 May 2010 Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Ma’ariv ventures that "The proposal to appoint Alan Dershowitz as our emissary to the UN detracts from his effectiveness as a voluntary envoy," and "exposes him to the claim of dual loyalty." The author believes that "American Jews’ support for Israel is an act of walking on thin ice," and warns that "The Israeli offer to Dershowitz cracks it and casts suspicion on everyone." The paper also says that Israel has many possible candidates for the UN post.
Yisrael Hayom says that barring noted anti-Zionist and Israel critic Prof. Noam Chomsky from entering Israel yesterday "was not a wise step," and notes that senior Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat lectured at Tel Aviv University at about the same time. The author believes that Erekat "had no answers to the main issues," and says that in the latter’s view "Everything is clear and there is nothing to negotiate about, just to make hard decisions."
The Jerusalem Post reflects on the danger posed by an increasingly alienated, angry, and rapidly growing Arab minority living within the Green Line, and notes that while it has largely been eclipsed by the prolonged conflict with the Palestinians in the territories, "it most certainly constitutes a similar, albeit less acute, demographic threat to the future of a democratic Jewish state." The editor calls on Israel’s Arabs to steer clear of radical, extremist representation, and declares that "they must be made to feel that, while the State of Israel is Jewish and will remain that way, it is also a democracy that will do its best to protect the rights of all its citizens.
Haaretz editorial was not available today
[Ronen Bergman, Shmuel Rosner and Dan Margalit wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Ma’ariv and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]

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