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13 May 2010 Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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These are the liberals – those open to listening to, learning about, knowing and understanding the other, those who are different – who are embarking on a holy war against the mezuzah! They are shocked! An idol, dear friends, they have brought an idol into the temple. True, the mezuzah is not part of the basic ideology of Hashomer Hatzair but it is part of Judaism and no disaster will occur if the innocent youth of Hashomer Hatzair learn something about the mezuzah, alongside their studies of the exalted philosophy of Josef Stalin. True, I know that for some time now, they don’t learn about Stalin in Hashomer Hatzair; this attests to Hashomer Hatzair’s ability to update its philosophy. All in all, what are we talking about here? Forced assimilation? Bad culture? Dear friends, it’s just a mezuzah."

Ma’ariv comments on the formation of a new government in the UK only one week after the recent elections and suggests that "In addition to flexibility and a representative nature, democracy also needs stability. The State of Israel could learn much from the British on this score."
Yisrael Hayom refers to the Russian and Turkish Presidents’ call for Hamas to be included in the peace process. The author asks "Might it be possible to indicate some benefit that could accrue to Russia and Turkey from this fawning over a terrorist organization?" and avers that, "The opposite is true." The paper believes that the Palestinian Authority would strenuously object to the idea and adds that including Hamas in the process would guarantee its failure. The author says that "The Russian-Turkish position assists extremist groups in Israel and among the Palestinians, that are uninterested in a solution based on the definition of ‘two states for two peoples’ and are striving to torpedo it."
The Jerusalem Post discusses the plight of Dan Goldberg, an Israeli who fathered twins by a surrogate mother in India. The twins have been refused admittance to Israel and naturalization by a family court judge because Goldberg is gay. The editor states that "many childless couples and single Israelis (including gays) have turned to Indian surrogate mothers, just as Goldberg did, and brought their babies home without trouble. Goldberg had every expectation to be treated likewise." The editor feels that "The fact that he is being singled out is untenable, and adds that "this represents a violation of the basic rights of an Israeli whose only ‘crime’ is the wish to raise his own children."
Haaretz is concerned that government policy in Jerusalem will undermine the newly begun proximity talks. Citing the doubling of the number of schoolchildren brought annually by the Ministry of Education to visit the Temple Mount and the City of David as one of the main examples of this policy, the editor declares that "The government’s dangerous incitement, which drowns out its whispered promises to the United States, appears this week to be Israel’s real policy as proximity talks with the Palestinians begin."

[Eitan Haber, Rubik Rosenthal and Dan Margalit wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Ma’ariv and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]

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