Inicio NOTICIAS «Hizbullah’s Scuds are only the tip of the iceberg»

«Hizbullah’s Scuds are only the tip of the iceberg»

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"Syria plays a significant role in the ever-growing rocket arsenal in the hands of Hizbullah," said Brig. Gen. Beiditz. "The transfer of weapons to Hizbullah occurs consistently from Syria and is organized by the Syrian and Iranian regimes. Therefore this is not considered the smuggling of weapons to Lebanon – it is an official and organized transfer."

The head of the Research Department confirmed that long-range missiles have been recently transferred from Syria to Hizbullah, and said that "this is just the tip of the iceberg," and that "already today Hizbullah has in its hands an arsenal of thousands of every type and range of rockets, including long-range and more efficient solid-fuel missiles."

According to Beiditz, "The long ranges of the missiles in the hands of Hizbullah enable them to place their launchers deep inside of Lebanon, and they cover ranges that are much longer than what we have seen in the past. Hizbullah in 2006 was different from Hizbullah in 2010 from the standpoint of their military capabilities which has developed more."

He continued to say that "Syria continues to march on two different paths without being forced on the international arena to choose between them. On one side Syria is improving her relations with the West, with the Arab states, and with Turkey, and is returning to a role of influence within Lebanon. At the same time, Syria is deepening her strategic and operational cooperation with Iran, Hizbullah and the Palestinian terror organizations."


Iran has overcome technological obstacles in creating a nuclear bomb

Brig. Gen. Beiditz also covered Iran’s nuclear program. "The Iranians continue to promote their nuclear program and they are accumulating abilities that enable them to attack with nuclear weapons at any moment they decide to," he said. "From this moment, everything depends on their decision. If in the past arriving at nuclear capabilities was dependent on overcoming technological obstacles, today, in Iran, it is dependent on their decision alone to bring about the creation of a nuclear bomb."

Brig. Gen. Beiditz also spoke about the travel warnings to Sinai which were published recently by the Counter Terrorism Bureau. "On the eve of Passover there was an actual warning related to the activities of Bedouins in Sinai where they were supposed to kidnap Israelis there, and transfer them to the military wing of Hamas. There was a plan of cooperation between them. The publicity deterred the groups, but there is still the possibility that Bedouins acting as subcontractors will kidnap Israelis and transfer them over to Hamas."

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