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04. 05. 2010. Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Yediot Aharonot suggests that the proximity talks will accomplish very little and suspects that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is insisting on discussing water and security issues first because he wishes to avoid discussions on issues such as Jerusalem, borders, settlements and refugees, for as long as possible.
Ma’ariv says that, "There are moonstruck extremists not just on the Right," but claims that, "Unlike Netanyahu’s action in the Likud" to clip the wings of Moshe Feiglin and his supporters, "the Israeli Left is incapable of building a separation wall between it and them." The author notes that, "Haters of Israel participate in the Sheikh Jarrah demonstrations alongside members of the Zionist Left," and adds that, "The latter are deferential and fawning." The author wonders, "Is the Israeli Left capable of waking up?" and fears that "perhaps it is already too late."

The Jerusalem Post notes that IDF non-service rates are on the rise, but adds that "a closer look at the numbers reveals that the rise in non-service is due primarily to the astounding growth in the haredi and Arab populations," and concludes: "The encouraging evidence of ongoing motivation, of the IDF’s ongoing status at the heart of Israel, however, is dented by the reports of IDF reservists having to hide the fact of their service. Private businesses and other segments of society should support, not punish, these few good men. Providing wide social support is a key element of our people’s army."

Haaretz comments on the funding of ultra-Orthodox schools which do not teach the core curriculum: "Due to this abdication, graduates of this school system learn a separatist, alienated view of democracy, and they lack the necessary tools to integrate into society and the economy." Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, who on Sunday stated that "private education is financed by the public, but there is no supervision over its content," was expressing "the anguish of that sizable public that pays the bulk of our taxes, yet whose children, who study in state schools, have in recent years received less education and fewer classroom hours."

Yisrael Hayom believes that Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai was largely correct in his recent criticism of the ultra-orthodox education system and the state funding that it receives. The author avers that "The state cannot finance parasites that avoid military service.  This rule also applies – perhaps first and foremost – to selfish secular evaders. The necessary minimum is national service for the entire period."

[Aviad Kleinberg, Ben-Dror Yemini and Dan Margalit wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Ma’ariv and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]

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