Inicio NOTICIAS 31 January 2010. Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

31 January 2010. Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Yisrael Hayom notes that Hamas has accused Israel of killing Mabhouh in revenge for the 1989 abductions and murders of IDF soldiers Ilan Saadon and Avi Sasportas but asserts that "It is doubtful that revenge was the main motive.  While it is always good to close accounts, it is much better to achieve two more important goals – preventive action and deterrence."  The author reminds his readers that "In his current role in the top Hamas leadership, Mabhouh was a main player in the smuggling of weapons to Gaza," and suggests that his death will reverberate among the Hamas leadership in Damascus.


Ma’ariv says that "The Right loves to present the existential threat against Israel, both because it believes in it, and because the apparent threat strengthens its public image."  The author cautions that "Fences and anti-missile defenses are relevant only in museums.  People are smarter than stupid fences and walls, and intercept systems.  People driven by hatred, and mainly a sense of justice, can turn any technology into a gigantic garbage can.  They have no value if we do not talk to ourselves and to our enemies."
Nana10 refers to Minister Yossi Peled’s recent comment on the inevitability of another war with Hezbollah.  The author avers that "Hezbollah, an organization that is not a state, is armed to the hilt and caught in a web of loyalties to Iran and Syria," and adds that "As long as this is the situation, nobody can absolutely rule out the possibility that war will break out."  However, the paper believes that "Israel must deal with the reality on its northern border by deeds, not words, even if some of these deeds are carried out quietly, and, mainly, by building up its military strength, among other preparations."

The Jerusalem Post discusses the widespread, albeit illegal, use of cellphones in Israeli prisons, and their role in criminal activities of some of the inmates. The editor comments that "In a way, cellphones allow inmates to walk through bolted doors and bound over prison barriers. Their current widespread availability behind bars can make mockery of incarceration."

Haaretz claims that the document Israel submitted on Friday as a response to the UN secretary general following the Goldstone report "cannot be seen as sufficient, not only to satisfy the world, but first and foremost to get to the truth," and asserts that "until a state commission of inquiry is established, suspicions will continue to haunt Israel and trouble any of its citizens who want to know what happened in Gaza."

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