Inicio NOTICIAS Iran Threatens with the Annihilation of the “Zionist Regime”

Iran Threatens with the Annihilation of the “Zionist Regime”

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei said during a meeting with the Mauritanian President, Mohammad Ould Abdel Aziz: “the region’s countries will definitely witness the annihilation of the Zionist regime one, whose proximity in terms of time depends on the function of the Islamic countries and Muslim nations”. He praised the Mauritanian government’s decision to break its diplomatic ties with Israel, and said it served a good model for certain Arab governments.
Khamenei added that “the Zionist regime is a big danger to the Muslim world, which hatches plots every day to expand its infiltration and dominance in the region”. He said that “during the past 30 years, the US administrations, the Zionist regime and worldwide Zionists have been the most hostile enemies of the Iranian nation and they are, in fact, the most hostile enemies of Iran today as well, and relying on these enemies is a big mistake”.
He went on saying: “when an enemy enters the scene, we should pay attention to the situation and correct our deeds if we have been or done anything wrong”. He further said: “the Americans say they have ratified a US$ 45M budget to overcome the Islamic Republic of Iran through internet, and this shows the enemy’s complete despondency since they have already spent tens of these US$ 45M budgets to confront the Islamic establishment through diplomatic campaign, sanctions, espionage, hiring hirelings and mercenaries and other methods, but hey have never gained any fruit”.
On his part, Majlis Chairman said that without Iran’s support for Hamas and Hezbollah, Israel would have taken over the whole region; and that Obama failed in handling the Palestinian issue. The chairman of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, who is currently on a visit to Kuwait said in a press conference that without Iran’s support in Hamas and Hezbollah, Israel would have taken control over the whole region, and no country would have been safe. He said Obama deserved a failing grade since “the siege on Gaza is still ongoing as well as the building of settlements”.

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