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21/01/10 Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Ma’ariv argues that "Even if the many wives of Goel Ratzon claim emphatically that they are content, it would be worthwhile for the State to start enforcing the law against polygamy."
Yisrael Hayom remarks about "Obama’s forlorn day."  The author maintains that "The fact that the late Senator Kennedy’s place was taken by the Republican Brown, who is opposed to Obama’s heath reform initiative and represents a different ideological approach – constitutes a dramatic change in the rules of the game."
The Jerusalem Post wonders at the opposition to the establishment of a new city in the Negev, to be populated at first by Orthodox Haredi Jews, and notes that "The bottom line is a situation in which a very large segment of our society is stigmatized as unwanted anywhere, while there physically remains no room for it in jam-packed concentrations like Bnei Brak and Jerusalem."  The editor states that "Israelis cannot willfully wish their haredi compatriots away, no matter how aggrieved they feel. We mustn’t lose sight of genuine need and plight."

Haaretz criticizes the government for damages caused to the infrastructure by the recent heavy storms, and states that "The state’s responsibility toward its citizens is not tested solely by heroic rescues from roads that have turned into raging torrents. The true test lies in building infrastructure suitable for normal, safe living and making appropriate preparations for storms."

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