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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Ma’ariv refers to Galilee and Negev Development Minister Silvan Shalom and says that "Aside from statements, which are important in and of themselves, he has still not succeeded in motivating his Cabinet colleagues to do something tangible for the north.  Ministers come and go but the north in which we live remains in the same depressed condition it has been in for years."  The author decries that neither Haifa University nor the Technion was chosen to establish the new medical school in the north.
Yisrael Hayom says that Israelis may be proud of the field hospital that the IDF has established in Haiti and suggests that "Even though soon nobody will remember why the baby that took its first breath, assisted by one of our midwives, is named ‘Israel’ – even a momentary feeling of joy is not to be dismissed."

The Jerusalem Post debates the skewed priorities of Israeli media, in a week that offered equal coverage of the disaster in Haiti and the lawsuit filed by a former housemaid of Israel’s first lady, Sara Netanyahu, and finds that "The undertone to all three [major] papers’ approach touches on the bitter circulation war between the old guard tabloid duo and the freesheet newcomer, with the titles seeking to denigrate and marginalize each other as they struggle for market share." The editor states that "Only by returning to correctly prioritized, balanced and in-depth reporting, and by providing information that readers need and can rely upon, can newspapers, on whatever medium they may be served, compete with television," and adds "It is by digging out the truth on matters of consequence that newspapers can secure their future, and not by pandering to a perceived public penchant for sensationalism or by pursuing private agendas."

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