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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Yediot Aharonot says that "It is reasonable to assume that Ataturk would be horrified," by the new policies and allies of Turkey’s current Islamist government."  The author says that Ankara has no right to make Israel its whipping boy in order to curry favor with its new allies and espouse anti-Semitism in doing so.  The paper asserts that "Up until now the Turkish government has become used to the fact that Israel does not respond to, and forgives, every insult, and therefore it continues to attack because it profits thereby with local public opinion and in the Arab world, without paying any price."  The author calls on the Government to halt security and other cooperation with Turkey, to urge Jewish organizations around the world to boycott Turkey and to encourage Turkish Jews to immigrate to Israel, unless Ankara halts its attacks.  The paper believes that Turkey must be made to understand that "There is no free lunch."
Ma’ariv ventures that "While Minister Liberman is right that we do not need to justify ourselves all the time, the distance between this and the belligerent approach that he champions is large," and claims that "The Foreign Minister damages the Israeli information effort more than he helps it, and this is a pity."  The author believes that "This week’s shameful treatment of the Turkish Ambassador dishonors both the state and Israeli diplomacy."
Yisrael Hayom declares that the idea of humiliating the Turkish Ambassador on-camera was "devoid of wisdom," and adds that Foreign Minister "Liberman, who is considered an efficient and successful manager and someone who knows how to organize things, is an amateur in his field."  The author commends the Government for wanting to "protest Turkey’s pro-Iranian policies, that border on anti-Semitism," but criticizes the fact that "a proper diplomatic move could deteriorate into such a shameful and primitive chairs game," that "played into the hands of the Turks."  The paper suggests that Israeli diplomats around the world have now learned that "the style that Liberman dictated to them," at a recent conference in Jerusalem "is not acceptable to the Government."


The Jerusalem Post discusses the catastrophe in Haiti, and reminds us that "If anything, Haiti’s acute misfortune ought to remind us that we face menaces of our own, which are by and large routinely ignored, notwithstanding political lip service – like the recent government pledge to gear up to quake hazards." The editor calls for actual steps aimed at mitigating the risk of unavoidable cataclysms, and declares: "Pretending we have time won’t make us safer."

Haaretz notes that "Israelis have recently been swept into a maelstrom of religious legislation and antidemocratic actions that are harmful to their liberty and way of life. The source of this dangerous upheaval is Shas," and complains that "Cabinet members from Shas are doing everything they can to scatter public funds to the wind while inconveniencing the same public whose taxes are financing their profligacy." The editor states that "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is responsible for this destructive rampage, and it is incumbent upon him to stop it."

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