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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Ma’ariv says that "While taking a vigorous stand against the Turkish slanders is very important, we would do better to use sharp words and not various kinds of humiliation," and asks "Why could we not have sat the Turkish Ambassador down, in complete dignity, on a comfortable sofa and then told him that we had what to say about the behavior of his anti-Semitic Prime Minister?"

Yisrael Hayom argues that it was "foolish," to "humiliate," the Turkish envoy but adds that "The Foreign Ministry’s foolishness and lack of manners do not obviate the severity of what Turkey has done.  Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan expresses himself in an anti-Semitic tone that causes revulsion and maybe even incites toward violence against Jews.  His policy attests to his Government’s adoption of the Iranian line.  Over time, it even endangers Turkey’s Jews, who should find their place here."  The author suspects that Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman is deliberately trying to sabotage Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s scheduled visit to Turkey next week and says that Jerusalem and Ankara still have many joint interests that should not be scorned.

The Jerusalem Post remarks that Deputy FM Ayalon has taken FM Liberman’s "admirable no- groveling policy" and ruined it on his first try. The editor states that "it is essential the Islamic government in Turkey know that there are consequences to its unbridled derision of Israel, but the public humiliation of a diplomat shifts the onus from Turkey’s bad behavior to Ayalon’s boorish performance," and adds that it is imperative to find "a better balance between national honor, national interest and diplomatic decorum."  

Haaretz contends that "Humiliation is not a policy," and states that "The Israeli Foreign Ministry has chosen to focus on the [Turkish TV series The Valley of the Wolves] and accuse Turkey of disseminating anti-Semitism because this is a more convenient and easier target than dealing with real criticism." In conclusion, the editor cautions that "Israel would do well to listen seriously to the Turkish criticism. Humiliation is not a substitute for intelligent policy and certainly not for repairing the vital relationship with Turkey."

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