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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Yediot Aharonot professes that "The role of officers is, among other things, to prevent mistakes – but it is impossible not to err. It is very important, especially under the present international conditions, not to harm the non-combatant population." The author, who served for 26 years as a military correspondent, affirms that, "In my acquaintance with the IDF, I know just how important is the sacred value of human life. In my acquaintance with the political echelon, I know how many operations were not carried out due only to concern of harming citizens. There have been mistakes. And there will be. That is the terrible nature of war. In any case, better a live soldier who has erred than a dead soldier who was right."
Yisrael Hayom protests that, "Over the weekend, mortar rounds once again began to land on Israeli communities. Mortars do not carry an address. They were fired indiscriminately at innocent Israeli citizens. The enlightened world?  Kept quiet as usual." The author calls on the Government to "remind the world that without operations Defensive Shield and Cast Lead we would continue to bury our dead exactly as we did at the start of the [last] decade."
Walla argues that "Iron Dome is an amazing technological achievement, but it is unable to decide the battle against terrorism in Gaza and southern Lebanon. The author believes that, "In order to defeat Hamas and Hizbullah we need an offensive system."
Haaretz comments on the resignation of Labor MK Ophir Pines-Paz: "The Knesset lost an experienced parliamentarian, and a politician who struggled for values and principles – not simply appointments and personal aggrandizement. Pines-Paz, who resigned from Ehud Olmert’s government to protest the inclusion of Avigdor Lieberman and his racist political platform, also opposed the entry of Labor into Prime Minister Netanyahu’s coalition. Pines-Paz’s resignation highlights the weakness of the Israeli left, which lost one of its noteworthy leaders, but also the great opportunity that has emerged today for rehabilitating it. Now there is a need for leaders and activists who will raise the lowered banners, rebuild the camp and rally voters."


The Jerusalem Post comments on recent incidents of pedophilia and the murder of children that our society fails to implement the few available laws to protect minors and fails, even more miserably and inexplicably, to enact new legislation: "There are no easy antidotes to the little-understood aberration that is pedophilia. Even the best legal defenses are bound to come up short. But to neglect erecting and vigilantly maintaining those defenses that are feasible is unforgivable."


Nana10 is surprised by the National Infrastructures Ministry’s new web site. "The entire world is moving towards clean and renewable energy and here only private firms are breaking the way in the field. The Government is still dealing with the same old polluting energy. The Government’s business card in the field looks exactly like the reality – stuck far behind. It’s not surprising that we’re talking about a Government of dinosaurs."

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