Inicio NOTICIAS Ambassador Gazit: “Syria has attacked Israel over and over again”

Ambassador Gazit: “Syria has attacked Israel over and over again”

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Syria’s minister of Information, Moshen Bilal, declared in an interview with an Argentinean newspaper that the only solution for the conflict in Middle East is Israel returning the Golan Heights to Syria, which means an Israel withdrawal to lines before 1967.
Furthermore, in a meeting with Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner, Bilal said that Argentina and Syria “share similar problems”: “Britain’s occupation in Malvinas Islands and Israel’s occupation in the Golan”.
Ambassador Gazit strongly replied Bilal’s representations saying “We all know that Syria has attacked Israel over and over again. Nevertheless, after trying to destroy Israel many times, Syria intends to return to the lines of 1967 without changing its policy.”
Gazit said that Israel is ready for negotiations and to make concessions. “For the purpose of achieving peace between Israel and Syria, the Jewish state has shown readiness for making concessions. But before making them, Israel has to be sure that Syria left its support for terrorism, its cooperation with Israel’s enemies (Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah), and that it has abandoned the road of war”.

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