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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

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Ma’ariv says that US State Department envoy for the struggle against anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal’s criticism of Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren for refusing to attend the recent J Street conference is doubly misplaced because Israel’s relations with J Street "are none of her business," and because "The American State Department does not allow its officials to criticize foreign ambassadors."  The author compares the Obama administration to an elephant in a china shop and asks whether "the administration means well but simply does not always succeed, or whether Rosenthal’s appointment is a calculated move to promote officials whose agenda includes the weakening America’s pro-Israel sentiments."
Yisrael Hayom criticizes the Knesset initiative to modify the MKs’ oath so that incoming MKs swear loyalty to Israel "as a Jewish, democratic and Zionist state."  The author reminds his readers that Israel’s Jewish and democratic character is already anchored in existing legislation, and contends that the addition "would be a pretext for an international falling out and is not necessary in the face of a hostile world that has set Zionism as its foremost enemy."

The Jerusalem Post discusses the war waged by Islamic Jihad against the West, and states that Americans and Europeans remain relatively complacent because their leaders have not clearly stated "who the enemy is, what they want, and what is at stake if they succeed." The editor notes that "An overstretched army, supported by a weary home front, against an ill-defined enemy, does not offer a viable strategy for success. Better to tell people that the enemy is radical Islam, which wants to spread its religion using the sword, and that defeat would mean an end to Western values of pluralism, minority rights and democracy."

Haaretz discusses the rising number of violent crimes committed against children, and declares that "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aspiration to ‘protect the children’ is an empty statement when crimes within the family are concerned. To solve the problem, states the editor, "the government must at the very least increase cooperation among the various authorities," and adds: "Just as the fight against organized crime required the police, the legal system and the economic authorities to work together, fighting family violence and child abuse requires that ties be strengthened between the police and welfare authorities."

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