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DAIA: “Anti-Semitism is Latent in Argentina”

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The president of DAIA Aldo Donzis assured to this Agency that “anti-Semitism in Argentina is latent.” Here, it tends to de expressed by “extremist and violent groups.”
In an exclusive interview with AJN, the president of the Israeli Argentine Association of Delegations (DAIA), the umbrella political group for all active Jewish groups in Argentina, said that these anti-Semitic groups “are awaiting for any opportunity to express their anti-Semitism in different ways: anti Israeli feeling and anti-Zionism”.
“When there aren’t any demonstrations, that doesn´t mean that there isn´t anti-Semitism. It means that there isn’t enough background to express it,” he added.
Donzis confirmed that DAIA receives “a large amount of claims for different types of abuses, offenses or discrimination acts”, which allows the institution “to develop programs for fighting discrimination based in the teaching and clarification of attacks.”
“Governmental authorities always intend to minimize the facts that disturb them, and they even deny the existence of anti-Semitic events, as the ones occurred this year.”
Regarding the situation of the Jewish community of Argentina, Donzis didn’t hesitate to say that “concerns always accompany us in our everyday activities.”
“As long as impunity and the negation of anti-Semitic acts continue, we will always be on the alert”.

*Jewish News Agency, Agencia Judía de Noticias (in Spanish)- AJN.  

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