Inicio NOTICIAS Argentina’s Supreme Court of Justice gave an important step for solving the case of the bombing against AMIA

Argentina’s Supreme Court of Justice gave an important step for solving the case of the bombing against AMIA

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Argentina’s Supreme Court of Justice sustained the extraordinary appeal against the decision of the Federal Court for Criminal Affaires n.3 and which was filed by the Information (composed by groups of relatives of victims of the bombing against AMIA) and the Official Entity. After defining the performance of the ex Judge Juan José Galeano as “irregular”, the Supreme Court annulled the decision of the judge to open the case for duress against Carlos Telleldín, along with the opening of the record that investigated the “local connections” involved in the bombing against AMIA, the second terrorist attack that Argentina suffered in 1994, after the bombing against the Israeli Embassy in 1992.
Talking to the Jewish News Agency, (Agencia Judía de Noticias en español), AMIA’s current president, Mr. Gillemo Borger, said that “At AMIA we are pleased because the Court ratifies our theory regarding the bombing. With this resolution, the court ‘revitalizes’ the investigation. It fills us with hope”
Mr. Aldo Donzis, DAIA’s leader, said that “the resolution of the Court is ‘such an important’ step because the evidence gathered during the preliminary investigations are ‘good’. We can’t go back in time, but we can tell the truth. The Supreme Court has found evidence conducive to the truth.”
Sr. Earl Anthony Wayne, the United States Ambassador to Argentina, expressed that “the United States of America consider that we are at the doorstep of a ‘very important step for clearing, for once’, the bombing against AMIA.”
Furthermore, he stressed that he expects this resolution to help to clarify the case “mainly for the sake of the victims and their families”. “We need to prevent terrorist attacks from happening in the region. The United States of America is working with the Argentine government in subjects like Security and Intelligence to achieve that goal.”
The organization “Relatives and Friends of the Victims of AMIA’s bombing” (Familiares y amigos de las víctimas del atentado a la AMIA) expressed their satisfaction regarding the Court’s resolution and said that “for the case, a new instance is beginning”.

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